WHO + we + ARE

Nestled within the native New Zealand bush in rural Taupo, New Zealand, is where you find "The Barn". An idyllic, creative studio relishing in the beauty, culture, history and family which surrounds it in this magical part of the world.

A place of creative inspiration and glow worms, "The Barn" and its grounds is studio and home to Creative Director and Designer, Andrea Bentley.

Andrea graduated from the Dunedin school of Fashion in 1995, and after 5 years designing her own fashion label in Dunedin, left New Zealand spending the next 16 years travelling the world and working as a technical designer and fashion illustrator. She has lived and worked in London, Vancouver and Perth for a multitude of international fashion brands and companies giving her invaluable experience and knowledge in all aspects of the fashion industry and offshore production.

This diverse and unique perspective of the fashion industry has enabled Andrea to identify where her talents and passions lie, and has equipped her with the tools necessary to branch out successfully and focus on her true passion. Andrea now solely focuses on her love and skill for art and design, in producing original digital print collections for the independent and commercial fashion and interior design industries.

Andrea has returned to New Zealand following her extensive and successful international career to settle down in their idyllic home and studio with her partner Simon, son Arlo and Munta the cat. It is here that Disciples of Print was established, born from a lifelong love of design, fashion and textile print.

WHAT + we + DO

Disciples of Print specialise in creating beautiful digital print artwork for fashion garments and interior projects. Along with remaining up to date with current global fashion and print trends, we develop our original artwork and designs through a medium of inspirations.

Each week new designs are developed and uploaded to our site, to provide a refreshing and ever evolving collection of diverse prints. From traditional floral to the contemporary abstracts, Disciples of Print maintain a dedication to offering a varied collection of beautiful and commercial designs.

We are always excited to see how our clients use the prints created at Disciples of Print, and therefore we aim to keep the designs as versatile as possible. Our prints are all offered in seamless repeats and are color separated so that they are ready for production. We respect everyone's desire to put their own personal touch on their work, so because of this we have ensured that the designs are available in AI vector files, this way you have the freedom to edit and re-colour the artwork to suit your needs and seasonal colour palettes.

At Disciples of Print we have designed our online purchasing experience to focus on exclusivity. Once a print has been purchased from our site it is automatically removed and becomes unavailable to all other clients. Our clients can use our unique, hand drawn designs for their own projects, with full confidence that it will never be repeated by another company/designer.

WHAT + inspires + US

From vintage shopping to gardening books, our work reflects the inspiration we find in every aspect of life, to deliver completely original and fresh designs exclusive to Disciples of Print.

Travel has always been a huge part of our lives, and a definitive, creative fuel for our work. Drawing inspiration from the beautiful places we visit, the diverse people we meet, and the exotic treasures we find along the way, allows Disciples of Print to maintain a unique perspective and artisanal approach to all of our designs.